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Orbital Transports Announces “Get Spaceborne” Service for In-Orbit Demonstration and Space Qualification

Image courtesy of Orbital Transports.

Orbital Transports, Inc. announced its new service Get SpaceborneTM today. Get SpaceborneTM is a great new resource for small satellite component manufacturers. Rather than requiring an expensive, dedicated mission for in-orbit testing and qualification, products being qualified will share a spacecraft bus with other hosted payloads.

“Our turnkey service for in-orbit demonstration is a fast and cost-effective way for smallsat manufacturers to acquire flight heritage for their products including communications, imaging, data processing, propulsion, power, and other components,” said David Hurst, CEO of Orbital Transports. “We handle all the logistics of planning your mission, integrating your smallsat component with the satellite bus, operating the mission, and getting your flight qualification data back to you.”

The spacecraft bus provides the hosted payload with power, two-way communications and propulsion. Payload slots are available in standard CubeSat form factors ranging from 1U to 6U, accommodating a range of products. A standard payload management API simplifies integration of the product with the spacecraft bus. Several launch opportunities to Sun-synchronous orbit and potentially other orbits are now available starting in Q2 2021. Contact Orbital Transports to book your flight and Get SpaceborneTMtoday.

Get SpaceborneTM is one of many services and products featured in the Space Catalog. Orbital Transports’ Space Catalog showcases a wide variety of small satellite hardware components, small satellite buses specialized for common space missions, mission analysis services, ground station services, mission operations software and more from industry partners. Orbital Transports has brought together many of the industry’s most innovative and reliable companies to offer a wide set of solutions while meeting client’s quality requirements.

This announcement was made 25 June 2020 by Orbital Transports.

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