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IQ spacecom and RBC Signals Partner to Develop Go.BIC

IQ spacecom XLink
Credit: IQ spacecom

Ibadan, 28 May 2024. – IQ spacecom and RBC Signals have announced a partnership to deliver Go.BIC (Global On-Demand Bi-directional Intersatellite Connection Service) to support inter-satellite connections for LEO operators. Viasat’s global L-band satellite network will also power the connectivity for the service. The service will ensure real-time allocation of L-band capacity on a global scale, tailored to meet the needs of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) operators.

The service complements existing ground station networks to extend coverage to previously unconnected regions like remote oceans, bridging communication gaps for satellite operators worldwide and making their satellites reachable at any point in time. This consequently enhances operational efficiency and offers cost-effective telemetry and telecommand options, empowering LEO satellite operators with improved flexibility and control over their missions.

Go.BIC will also facilitate on-demand communication with LEO satellites without waiting for ground station passes. Serving scientific missions, university projects, satellite manufacturers and operators, Go.BIC can facilitate various use cases including satellite tasking (TM/TC), scheduled data transmission, natural disaster monitoring, real-time satellite maneuvering, and backup communications.

Dr. Kurt Winter, CEO of IQ Technologies, expressed great excitement about the partnership with RBC Signals, stating, “We firmly believe that this solution represents a significant step forward in advancing satellite communication capabilities and will meet the evolving demands of the global market.”

Likewise, Ron Faith, CEO of RBC Signals emphasized, “This collaboration represents a milestone in small satellite communications. By combining our industry expertise with Viasat’s L-band network, we will significantly enhance the capabilities of the industry.”

Andy Kessler, Vice President, Viasat Enterprise and Land Mobile, also commented, “Our connectivity can help operators work more safely, sustainably, efficiently, and with assured security. It’s exciting to see innovative partners like IQ spacecom and RBC Signals bringing that reliable connectivity to every domain – including now Low Earth Orbit.”

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