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GHGSat and Satellite Applications Catapult to partner for climate observation

Pictured, left to right: Paul Bate, CEO, UK Space Agency; Craig Brown, Director of Investment, UK Space Agency; Rebecca Evernden, Director for Space, Department for Science, Innovation and Technology; Stéphane Germain, CEO, GHGSat; Stuart Martin, CEO, Satellite Applications Catapult; Adina Gillespie, European Director, GHGSat. Credit GHGSat

London, 9 June 2023.- A new partnership was announced on the 7th of June between the Satellite Applications Catapult and GHGSat, a satellite-based and aerial remote sensing technology and emission data provider, to supply satellite data on domestic and international methane emissions for R&D in the UK. 

An international analytics centre co-located in London and Edinburgh will be opened. The partnership will provide UK organisations with access to high-resolution methane emissions satellite data. 

GHGSat is providing observation data directly to the UK Space Agency, Ordnance Survey, and other government departments as part of the initial £5.5m deal. The deal is funded by the UK Space Agency and delivered by the Satellite Applications Catapult.

GHGSat monitors greenhouse gases from space at a resolution sufficient to attribute emissions directly to individual facilities. Users from academia, industry, and the public sector will be able to access the new resource through the Satellite Applications Catapult. 

“Satellites are getting smaller and more powerful, giving us an ideal vantage point from which to monitor global greenhouse gas emissions and inform decision-making on the path to Net Zero. GHGSat is an innovative company which has demonstrated the value of the data collected by its eight existing satellites,” said Dr Paul Bate, CEO of the UK Space Agency. “This new partnership will build on the UK’s strengths in Earth observation expertise and data analytics, catalyse additional investment into our growing space sector, and ultimately help protect our planet.”

The emissions dataset will allow UK researchers and companies to unlock new applications for climate impact. The Catapult and UK Space Agency welcome the availability of the new data.

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