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ARS Officially Launches European Operation in Germany

Credit: ARS

Ibadan, 5 May 2023. – Acoustic Research Systems (ARS) has officially launched its European operation in Potsdam, Germany, with the arrival of its brand-new inventory. The US-owned company made the announcement at a special event held at Le Grand Set during the week of ECSSMET, the European Conference on Spacecraft Structures Materials and Environmental Testing.

ARS debuted the NEUTRON in person at an exclusive event in Toulouse, France, with guests present at Le Grand Set for a live Direct Field Acoustic Test experience and networking opportunities. As a result, representatives from companies including NASA, Airbus, ESA, and Beyond Global experienced the NEUTRON System first-hand in its demo configuration.

The test configuration for the live experience comprised 12 NEUTRONS double stacked on a 12ft (3.66 m) diameter, two CORERACK’s, one ARSDRIVE, 12 control microphones, four monitor microphones, and a mock test article. Furthermore, the NEUTRON’s unique open test configuration allowed attendees to walk the periphery of the set-up and experience NEUTRON’s design, scalability, and fully incoherent, highly uniform field capabilities.

The dedicated European inventory is in Potsdam, Germany, an expansion that the Director of European Operations and GM of ARS, GmbH, Tobias Wulf, oversees.

ARS Co-Founder and CEO, Jeremiah Leiter, commented: “It felt like a natural evolution to expand our inventory to better serve the highly-respected European market. Tobias is committed to providing the same level of service and unprecedented momentum that ARS has seen in the US, where precision, efficiency, and transparency have all been cornerstones and will continue to be so in Europe.”

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