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Globalstar and Ovinto Support Clean Energy with Safe Transport of Hazardous Gases

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Globalstar logo. Credit: Globalstar

London, 24 March 2023.- Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd., announced on the 23rd of March that Ovinto Sat, a provider of hazardous gases, is helping organisations and consumers to use cleaner energy. 

Ovinto Sat has deployed the Ovinto Sat smart asset monitoring system to ensure the safety of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as it travels in cryogenic tank containers to customers around the globe. Ovinto Sat is enabled by Globalstar’s worldwide satellites and includes multifunction sensors built around Globalstar’s STX3 chipset. It was first deployed four years ago.

“The Globalstar satellite system remains the best solution on the planet on account of its coverage, minimal latency, low power and, as a result, its affordability,” says Frederick Ronse, Managing Director of Ovinto.

The exporter’s containers are used for worldwide export of argon, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. Customers represent a diverse range of organisations and sectors. These include energy and gas providers, industrial companies, leisure sector including hotels, medical businesses, beverage makers, among others.

Ovinto Sat owns 600 tank containers, each fitted with an Ovinto Sat sensor device. Tank containers are stacked during transport and storage. The sensor devices are affixed to the outside of the container to keep a continuous line of sight with the satellites. The devices maintain uninterrupted visibility of the satellite network in Low Earth Orbit, so data on the environmental characteristics of the container flow uninterrupted as they traverse the globe.

There is a rising demand for hydrogen and LNG due to the search for alternatives for fossil fuels for energy. Many of the initiatives aimed at promoting using hydrogen for vehicles are backed by governments as part of their commitments to reduce carbon emissions.

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