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Vyoma and EnduroSat Partner for Space Sustainability

Credit: Vyoma

Ibadan, 17 February 2023. – Vyoma has announced a partnership with EnduroSat to help improve the safety of satellites in orbit. As a result, both parties have agreed upon a Memorandum of Understanding outlining how the two companies will support each other to improve the sustainability of space activities.

Vyoma’s solutions and services will give EnduroSat access to accurate real-time tracking data from a network of ground-based sensors located across the globe. This network will extend to include space-based sensors shortly, enabling Vyoma to make highly accurate trajectory predictions. In addition, Vyoma’s service provides improved insights and warnings of close approaches, empowering satellite operators to efficiently determine when maneuvers are necessary. This ensures satellite fleets remain safe and operational while avoiding costly maneuvers when not necessary.

These services complement EnduroSat’s Space-as-a-Service offering, which provides an easy way to deploy various payloads to orbit. Furthermore, there will be no need to re-engineer satellite hardware as EnduroSat’s architecture allows multiple sensors to operate together reliably on a single platform, resulting in fewer satellites in orbit, used with much higher efficiency and shared as a common resource in space.

Commenting on the partnership, Stefan Frey, CEO of Vyoma, noted, “the data and services we provide enable EnduroSat to improve the safety of their satellites and the efficiency of their operations. We look forward to working together and further developing our solutions and services to help to make space sustainable.”

In addition, Vyoma will launch space-based telescopes that track space debris from 2024 as part of its ongoing mission to improve space safety. This enables the company to enhance the accuracy of debris’ trajectories and reduce the visibility threshold to as low as 1cm-sized
objects, dramatically reducing the collision risk with satellites.

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