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The New Space Economy: Risk vs. Reward by FT Live on 1 March 2023

Peggy Hollinger and Torsten Kriening LIVE on LinkedIn for a virtual discussion on the long-term financial sustainability of the space sector on 1 March.

The New Space Economy: Risk vs. Reward

Despite the space economy generating $424 billion in 2022, according to the latest statistics from VC firm Space Capital, overall investment is down 58% year on year. With a bleak global economic outlook creating a climate of risk-adversity, what does this mean for the New Space economy? How can investors and businesses build confidence in the potential ROI of investing in the latest space technology and services? Which aspects of the space sector are generating most excitement? Is sustainability in/for space more than just hype?

This exclusive webinar will act as a prelude to the FT’s Investing in Space Summit taking place in June 2023. This digital discussion will bring together the space and investment communities for a nuanced discussion on the long-term financial sustainability of the space sector. Expert speakers and moderators will review the current funding climate, provide insight of growth opportunities and associated risks, and analysis on the business case for investment in this new asset class

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