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InnovationAus joins international Space Communications Alliance

Gilmour Space Technologies factory floor Credit: InnovationAus

Ibadan 21 February 2023. – InnovationAus has joined the international Space Communications Alliance as an affiliate member. The Space Communications Alliance is a global network of communications organizations with a background and experience in telling the stories of the people, the technology and geopolitics driving the rapid development of the space industry. InnovationAus’ sister company Espresso Communications, also joined the global network as a full member.

Space is one of the fastest developing areas of innovation in the world, with the Australian Federal Government aiming to triple the size of the local industry and create 20,000 new jobs in the sector. Furthermore, the release expects the Australian space industry to triple in size by 2030. publisher Corrie McLeod opined that the issues that industries in the space sector grapple with are a broader version of the issues facing the wider technology industry. “Space sits across the things we are drawn to reporting at InnovationAus. This includes things like the challenges in developing regulatory frameworks that let the local industry move fast to keep pace with the rest of the world,” McLeod added.

According to the publisher, it also includes “everything from overseeing environmental impacts and sustainability to geopolitical strategic competition and the fracturing of supply chains.” As a result, Australia is racing to develop a sovereign launch capability and is moving fast to take advantage of the space sector’s commercial opportunities.

“We are excited to collaborate with SCA’s global network, map together our collective intelligence about space technology and innovation, and support the continued growth of the sector,” McLeod concluded.

SpaceWatch.Global is a founding member of the Space Communications Alliance and welcomes Espresso Communication.

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