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Clutch Space signs letter of intent with Kleos Space for micro ground station network demo

Image: Kleos Space

Edinburgh, 21 December 2022. – UK-based software defined ground segment solution provider, Clutch Space, has signed a letter of intent with Luxembourg-based space-powered Radio Frequency Reconnaissance company, Kleos Space, to participate in the demonstration and evaluation of the AnyTime micro ground station network.

The companies agreed to a one-month evaluation period following the demonstration. Furthermore, Clutch Space will provide ground station services supporting Kleos Space’s existing infrastructure, for US $1 per minute for the first year.

AnyTime will provide persistent connectivity, situational awareness, direct operation of the access to the satellites, as well as seamless integration. Clutch Space’s network is capable of working with existing and future systems without the need of extra hardware aboard the spacecraft.

Clutch Space next generation micro ground station has no moving parts, a small form factor (1 m in diameter). It also has a capacity of 20 satellites simultaneously, without the need for reflector dishes. The company claims it will be able to place these micro ground stations at more convenient, and more frequent locations at a reduced cost.

Clutch Space is still seeking further test sites and additional partners to provide feedback on the demonstration. In addition, the firm is offering free ground stations to universities working in the space industry.

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