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eSpace joins the Net Zero Space initiative

Credit: eSpace

Edinburgh / Lausanne, 14 November 2022. – eSpace (EPFL Space Center) has joined the Paris Peace Forum’s Net Zero Space Initiative, joining a group of global multi-stakeholders with the common goal of achieving the sustainable use of space by 2030, the interdisciplinary hub said.

The Net Zero Space initiative encourages all space actors to address the challenges raised by the proliferation of space debris. eSpace aims to strengthen its sustainability commitment by educating the public, as well as developing and leading research on space sustainability. The hub also supports the Space Sustainability Rating (SSR) promoting sustainable behavior in space.

eSpace is running a number of projects to realize its sustainability vision, like hosting the Space Situational Awareness (SSA) student team. This team is tracking space debris with the aim to send alerts to space operators about collision risks. A life cycle assessment (LCA) implementation research project is also due to be conducted by the hub.

Furthermore, eSpace is the main contractor leading the development of the Green Space Logistics – Assessment and Comparison software (ACT). ACT will support the European Space Agency’s Future Launch Preparatory Program for space transportation vehicle life cycle assessments. In addition, eSpace’s DAWN project focuses on space logistics optimization.

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