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ESA Director General appoints the New Space Advisory Board

Credit: ESA

Edinburgh, 5 October 2022. – ESA’s Director General, Josef Aschbacher, appointed the New Space Advisory Board (NAB) to implement the actions of the Agenda 2025 with a particular focus on commercialisation and ESA’s role and actions in the New Space ecosystem, ESA said. 

The senior body of high-level company representatives all have a New Space approach in conducting their business. The NAB’s objective is to share information thus supporting ESA executives in amplifying an ESA commercialisation policy. It also aims to help with ESA’s transformation process to adapt to New Space needs.

NAD will advise ESA on key characteristics of the New Space ecosystem, i.e. a business mix of institutional and commercial customers. It will also elaborate on international competition and necessary institutional support and private funding for developments.

The current members of the NAB are Benoit Deper (AerospaceLab), Luc Piguet (ClearSpace), Cassi Welling (constellr), Luca Rossettini (D-Orbit), David Henri (Exotrail), Philippe Gautier (Hemeria), Rafal Modrzewski (Iceye), Daniel Metzler (Isar Aerospace), Aleix Mégias (Open Cosmos), Juan Tomas Hernani (Satlantis), Theresa Condor (Spire), and Peter Taubenreuther (SST-SystemTechnik).

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