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Satellite Vu contracts SSTL for second thermal imaging satellite

Earth observation satellite. Credit: SSTL

Edinburgh, 25 July 2022. – Satellite technology company, Satellite Vu (SatVu), has commissioned a new clone of its original satellite in collaboration with small satellite supplier, Surrey Satellite Technology (SSTL), to double its data collection capacity, SatVu said.

The second thermal imaging satellite will collect thermal data utilizing SatVu’s Mid Wave Infra-Red (MWIR) technology. The spacecraft will monitor both natural and built environment measuring heat signatures and heat loss of buildings all over the globe.

The satellite constellation will provide fire spread prediction as well as monitor water pollution apart from measuring the energy efficiency of buildings. The spacecraft will operate day and night, taking measurements multiple times a day, providing climate insights based on real time data.

SatVu contracted SSTL to build the first satellite in 2021 with a shipment deadline of Q1 2023. The satellite is planned to be launched aboard SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket. The second satellite is SatVu’s response to market demand for increased capacity and more frequent revisit times. The spacecraft is to be launched in early 2024.

SatVu recently received funding via the UKSA National Space Innovation Programme (NSIP), enabling it to implement de-risking technology along with other operational improvements.

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