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Mynaric to deliver laser communications for U.S. Government

Mynaric´s Condor Mk3 terminal. Photo: Mynaric

Edinburgh/ Los Angeles, 2 November 2021. – Mynaric will supply Northrop Grumman and the U.S. Government with space laser communications, Mynaric announced.

The multi-year strategic arrangement has a minimum value of US $35 million in Mynaric products and related services, the Californian company said.

The companies joined forces to accelerate growth, development, adoption and innovation of laser communication solutions, Mynaric said. The technology is aimed to be used primarily for aerospace and defence applications, including air, space, ground, undersea and maritime.

Under the agreement, Mynaric is to provide secure “broadband communication to serve the U.S. government’s needs for distributed communication architectures,” said Mynaric. As a first step, Northrop Grumman will issue a purchase order for a set of Condor Mk3 optical communications terminals.

Mynaric will exclusively develop and sell custom products to Northrop Grumman tailored to the unique needs of specific U.S. government space programs. The company submitted bids to Northrop Grumman earlier this year for multiple government space programs that are still pending.

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