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22,000 applications for ESA’s new astronaut jobs

Paris, 24 June 2021. – More than 22,000 people from all over Europe submitted an application to become an astronaut for the European Space Agency (ESA), the agency said.

ESA plans to recruit 4-6 new astronauts through its 2021-22 selection process; the agency has issued a call for astronauts only three times since 1978 – the most recent in 2008.

Around 5,400 of all astronaut applicants identified as female, ESA said, and more than 200 applied for the job of an astronaut with a physical disability.

Applications have been received from all Member and Associate Member states, the agency said. This includes Lithuania, whose citizens recently became eligible for selection because of the country’s new status as an ESA Associate Member.

ESA is planning to announce the selected astronauts late next year.

Source: ESA

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