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Astra lists on Nasdaq and aims for daily launches in 2025

Astra Founder & CEO Chris Kemp. Photo: Astra

Paris, 3 February 2021. – Planning ahead for the next 100 years: The launch company Astra is going public and will be traded at the U.S. Nasdaq, its founder and CEO Chris Kemp said.

The listing will be through a SPAC, a special purpose acquisition company that is already listed, in this case Holicity Inc., and reportedly values Astra at $2.1 billion.

“We are coming to market in an extraordinarily strong financial position,” Chris Kemp said. “We have raised more than $500 million from private investors, and we already have more than 50 launches on our manifest. In just the past year, we started producing and launching rockets and activated our first spaceport in Kodiak, Alaska. We carried out our first orbital launch attempt with Rocket 3.1 in September, and three months later we became the fastest privately funded company in U.S. history to reach space and demonstrate a launch system capable of deploying satellites into low Earth orbit.”

“This summer, we’ll deliver our first commercial payload, followed by beginning monthly launches later this year, and over the next 2-3 years we will dramatically increase our launch schedule with a goal of daily launches by 2025,” Kemp added.

“But this isn’t about the next 2-3 years, it’s about the next 100 years,” Kemp said.

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