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UAE’s Yahsat Launches YahClick Satellite Broadband In Cameroon

Artist’s depiction of YahSat’s Al Yah-3 satellite. Picture courtesy of YahSat.

UAE’s Yahsat will offer reliable high-speed satellite broadband Internet in Cameroon through its YahClick service, with the aim of increasing the African country’s Internet penetration rate and bridging the Digital Divide.

Yahsat will provide serviceS via its flagship broadband offering,  YahClick, according to a report in IT Web Africa.

Yahsat said it aims to improve the West African country’s broadband internet penetration rate and provide internet connectivity in areas where mobile operators and access providers’ fiber optic infrastructure is either weak or dormant, according to its statement.

It will compete in Cameroon with Cameroon Telecommunications (CamTel), which signed an agreement with the Belgian provider of Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) services SatADSL, to distribute satellite broadband internet services. Cameroon’s satellite internet service market includes players Bloosat and GoSat.

In July 2018, Yahsat announced plans to expand its operations across West Africa by showcasing YahClick at West Africa Com.

“Africa is a high-priority market for us, and with the commercial readiness of our third satellite Al Yah-3,”  said Farhad Khan, Chief Commercial Officer at Yahsat, quoted in IT Web Africa. “We are now able to offer our broadband connectivity solutions to even more markets across the continent.”

In September 2018, Yahsat announced its joint venture with Hughes Network Systems (HUGHES), a subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation, to provide commercial Ka-band satellite broadband services across Africa, the Middle East, and Southwest Asia.

In addition to this latest announcement, Yahsat has already announced its intentions to expand its operations in Africa to five new markets in West Africa: Senegal and Gambia through Yahsat’s service partner Arc Telecom; Côte d’Ivoire through Cee-Net Technologies; Benin through Isocel; and Ghana through Teledata and Comsys.




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