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Arabsat And Talia Join Forces To Provide Secure TV Services

Talia Limited’s teleport in Germany. Photograph courtesy of Talia Ltd.

Talia Limited, a leading communication provider serving the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the Americas, have announced the completion, and successful deployment, of a new state-of-the-art uplink platform, complete and ready to host High Definition and Standard Definition channel’s secure transmission on Arabsat Badr-7 satellite at 26°E.

Thanks to Arabsat’s unique satellite technology, customers will benefit from a secure broadcasting service that is immune to signal jamming and interference at 26°E hot spot.

The partnership with Talia will enable Arabsat to secure its broadcasting service by using its technologically advanced Badr-7 satellite and Talia’s state-of-the-art ground facilities to broadcast video channels through 26°E covering the Middle East and North Africa.

Khalid Balkheyour, Arabsat President and CEO, said, “Talia is a globally recognised brand and one of the top reliable satellite and terrestrial network providers to the Middle East and Europe. With high monitoring capabilities and Quality of Service that provide an excellent solution to Arabsat DTH Services from Europe, providing Arabsat international & regional broadcasters with an uncompromised quality of service.”

Alan Afrasiab, Talia President and CEO, added, “We are now equipped to provide customers looking for a high-quality, secure video transmission service utilising our facilities.”

“We are also delighted to continue our long relationship with Arabsat and provide customers with this complex technical solution. Working with Arabsat’s professional team, this new service was achieved quickly and with the minimum of trouble,” Afrasiab added.

Talia is a market-leading teleport, satellite, and terrestrial network operator and systems integrator, providing global ICT solutions that allow enterprises to communicate. Talia’s hybrid infrastructure supports international businesses with connectivity as required.

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