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Arabsat To Sponsor the 18th Arab Radio and Television Festival in Tunisia

An artist’s conception of ARABSAT-6A. Image courtesy of Lockheed Martin.

The Arab Satellite Communications Organization – Arabsat – will sponsor and participate in the 18th edition of Arab Festival for Radio and Television, organised by the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU), from May 25-28, 2017, in Yasmine Hammamet, Tunisia, and will be attended by several media figures and broadcasters from the Middle East and North Africa.

Engineer Khalid bin Ahmed Balkheyour, President and CEO of Arabsat, said, “Arabsat has a unique and strong commercial relationship with ASBU, involving many successful projects, such as the global Arabic bouquet. In addition to the partnership agreement MENOS for exchanging multimedia content over satellites. Such mutual  cooperation had fruitful results in  the marketing and deployment of HD TV broadcasting technology in the Middle East.”

He added, “We are also working and participating closely together with ASBU in many committees and international organizations to combat against deliberate satellite broadcasting jamming and piracy, which reflects Arabsat’s persistent pursuit to develop such relationships and strategic partnerships with ASBU.”

Balkheyour also added that,  “Arabsat is keen on the participation of the Arab States Broadcasting Union in this important festival. For we, as a satellite operator who broadcasts all satellite media including radio and television, are always eager to participate in such media events which gives us the opportunity to meet and hear from our partners and customers and be updated with their needs and expectations to be able to provide them with the best services available to deliver their media message ”

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