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Momentus to Deliver Nine Satellites to Orbit for Apogeo Space

Early rendition of an Apogeo pico satellite. Credit Apogeo Space
Early rendition of an Apogeo pico satellite. Credit Apogeo Space

London, 7 June 2023.- Business Wire reported on the 5th of June that Momentus, a US commercial space company offering orbital transportation and in-space infrastructure services, has signed an agreement with Apogeo Space to provide orbital transportation services for nine satellites. These satellites are part of Apogeo’s planned 100-satellite Internet of Things (IoT) constellation. 

Apogeo Space is intending to build a constellation of picosatellites capable of providing connectivity to IoT devices globally. The delivery with Momentus represents the second batch of nine satellites and another key step toward the creation of the 100-satellite network. 

“We are thrilled to start this collaboration with Momentus, which will allow us to launch an additional nine picosats shortly and permit us to anticipate our road map of the deployment of a global telecommunication service for the Internet of Things,” said Guido Parissenti, CEO and co-founder of Apogeo. “Since our first deployment of satellites, data can be retrieved from IoT devices anywhere in the world. We anticipate full coverage will be achieved by 2027 with almost 100 satellites with successive launches approximately every 3 months.”

Chris Kinman, Chief Commercial Officer at Momentus said that the use of the Momentus Orbital Service Vehicle will be an efficient way to support to deployment of large satellite constellations like Apogeo’s Internet of Things.

The constellation is scheduled to enter service by the second half of 2023.

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