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Astroscale Contracts Share My Space for Space Risk Identification.

Credit: Astroscale

Ibadan, 6 June 2023. – Share My Space has signed a new contract with Astroscale to optimally enable Astroscale to assess space objects’ attitude in LEO, a requirement for any on-orbit rendezvous. Attitude analysis of space objects is a critical factor in ensuring environmental safety, mitigating the risk of catastrophic collisions in space, and preventing further polluting fragmentation. To that effect, Astroscale has called upon Share My Space’s value-added services in orbital object attitude analysis.

Share My Space has been utilizing its ground-based sensors to collect optical data for Astroscale in LEO, analyze it, and extract and characterize light curves. From these light curves, Share My Space describes rotation rates and tumbling axis analysis of all kinds of space objects. Tracking and characterizing space objects facilitates potential risk identification and preventive decision-making processes.

This contract echoes recent headlines, asserting a common will to effectively remove space debris. For example, the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UN COPUOS) has recently taken great care in setting guidelines for the long-term sustainability of space activities, which includes measures to reduce the creation of space debris.

Director of Government Relations & Policy at Astroscale UK, Toby Harris, said: “Astroscale’s mission to clean up space relies on timely and accurate information about how objects in space, such as space debris, are moving and what they are doing.” Harris also added, “Commercial Space Situational Awareness (SSA) companies, like Share My Space, are essential to providing this critical information, enabling advanced mission planning and ensuring safe and successful removal of debris.

Likewise, CEO and Co-founder of Share My Space, Romain Lucken, added: “We are proud of this partnership, and we look forward to continuing
joining forces in the future for this great endeavor.”

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