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IAF Spring Meeting 2023 review by Remco Timmermans

Our SpaceWatcher Remco Timmermans gives a review of 3 days IAF Spring Meetings in Paris, France, 28-30 March 2023. Main topics were GLOC in May in Oslo, Norway and IAC in October in Baku, Azerbaijan.

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SINC 2023 – Timmermans outlook to GLOC 2023 in Oslo

The two areas in the world most noticeably impacted by climate change are the Arctic and the Tropics. These regions represent the theme 'Fire and Ice' of the Global Conference on Space for Climate Change #GLOC2023, in Oslo, Norway, from 23-25 May! During the #SINC2023 conference at the Maldives will see how space can contribute to monitoring the issues and pinpointing possible solutions for climate change. Remco Timmermans explains the theme of the conference, starting with Fire and finishing with Ice. #WaitForIt All info about this conference, hosted by the Norwegian Space Agency and IAFastro: