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Cyprus Discloses National Space Plans at CM22

Ibadan, 22 November, 2022. – Cyprus has disclosed several plans it intends to implement in the nearest future to develop its space program, including acceding to the European Space Agency (ESA) convention in the nearest future. Cyrpus Minister made the announcement at the ESA Ministerial Council in Paris, France. In addition to becoming an associate member, Cyprus also intends to solidify its partnership with the Agency by increasing its level of subscription to ESA’s programs in 2022, with a further increase in 2023.

According to the Minister, Cyprus, through its cooperation with ESA, seeks to utilize its geo-strategic location and leverage available opportunities to build a sustainable and robust ecosystem. To realize this ambition, the Minister revealed that Cyrpus had launched several reforms, including developing a national space strategy aligned with the new EU space policy and the ESA initiatives and programs. In addition, Cyprus intends to develop a national space law to authorize and supervise its national space activities and register space objects.

Furthermore, Cyprus is also launching a national space business incubation center, and a local space cluster as the country is experiencing significant growth in its satellite infrastructure and space assets. Furthermore, plans are also in place to develop optical ground stations to support initiatives and programs, including EU’s GOVSATCOM and the Secure Connectivity program.

The Minister noted the importance of Horizon 2020, which helped pave the way for Cyprus’ entrance into the space arena. Furthermore, he reaffirmed Cyrpus’ strong support for ESA’s acceleration of space use in Europe.

The ESA Council at the Ministerial level, CM22, taking place in Paris, France, on 22 and 23 November 2022, is a time for critical decisions. ESA’s Member States, Associate States, and Cooperating States plan to use the opportunity to discuss strengthening Europe’s space sector and ensuring it continues serving European citizens.

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