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US Space Command plans to transfer space object tracking to Department of Commerce

Credit: US DoD

Edinburgh, 24 October 2022. – The US Space Command (Spacecom) currently tracks over 47,000 objects in space. Such task is planned to be transferred to the Department of Commerce, the US Department of Defence said. The transfer of responsibility will allow Spacecom to focus on what is happening in Earth’s orbits.

“Our challenges center on ensuring the warfighter has relevant and timely data to execute missions in a very complex and changing environment,” said Army General James Dickinson. “We must find innovative ways to create an integrated sensor network on a global scale. Through an integrated network we can build knowledge of the environment,” he continued.

Spacecom is looking for new, state-of-the-art technologies with an extendable lifespan by renewables and resupply missions. The Department’s commercial integration strategy aims to synchronize industry integration to mitigate capability gaps. Commercial mission partners will be able to formalize provisions through cooperative research and development, however, projects will be prioritized by Spacecom. 

Spacecom stated that industry was a “solution provider and force multiplier” expanding the military’s warfighting capabilities.

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