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Space Café Radio – PSSI’s Space Security Series ep.1 – with John Huth

John Huth at the 6th PSSI Space Security Conference. Photo credit: PSSI/Ondrej Besperat

Episode 1 – Update on Russia’s and China’s Space Forces

The Prague Security Studies Institute (PSSI), has the pleasure to present Space Cafè Radio – PSSI Space Security Mini-Series, a radio series focused on allied preparedness to face the rapidly changing space domain. PSSI is a non-profit non-governmental public policy organisation founded in 2002 and based in Prague. In space, PSSI puts emphasis on emerging threats and available policy solutions.

All the interviews in the PSSI Space Security Mini-Series were conducted during the 6th PSSI Space Security Conference, held in Prague, at the Czernin Palace, the headquarters of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from the 19th to the 21st of June 2022. The conference is part of the PSSI’s well-established series of high-level trilateral space security conferences, where for trilateral we mean Europe, US, and Japan. The conference series, launched in 2011, is designed to advance decision-making within the security domain among allies. They represent one of the highest level of unclassified gathering of military allies, national security experts and senior industry representatives.

In this first episode Senior Editor Dr. Emma Gatti interviewed John Huth, the Defense Intelligence Officer for Space and Counter Space, Defense Intelligence Agency of the United States of America. John discussed the recent advancement in space defense capabilities by China and Russia. Are these nations becoming a tangible space threat? Is the Artemis Program at program at risk? This and much more in this rich conversation with one of the top level representative of the country space defense in the US.


  • 0:00 Space Café Radio – PSSI Special – with John Huth
  • 2:16 The 2022 Defence Intelligence Agency Security in Space Report: what’s new?
  • 3:16 China, Russia, North Korea: where do we stand at?
  • 4:56 A re-organization of Russia and China forces
  • 5:48 An alliance made out of convenience?
  • 6:22 LRS vs. Artemis
  • 7:19 China’s Commercial Space capabilities

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