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NewSpace system house UNIO Enterprise forms to build European satellite constellations

UNIO Enterprise loge. Credit: UNIO Enterprise

Edinburgh, 5 September 2022. – The European UNIO consortium has examined the innovation potential of the European NewSpace sector for a large-scale project building Europe’s own secure communications constellation in space, UNIO Enterprise said. 

The study found that sub-constellations for specific commercial application areas can be taken together resulting in a metaconstellation. This would have sufficient capacity for secure private and government applications at competitive prices. To achieve this goal, the three previous UNIO constellation core companies, Isar Aerospace, Mynaric and Reflex Aerospace have joined forces with SES. Together, they will establish the central European operations and system house, UNIO Enterprise.

UNIO Enterprise will offer commercial satcom services for the mobility sector on land, at sea and in the air. UNIO is planning the first demonstration mission of two satellites in 2023/24. This will be followed by the deployment of the planned infrastructure starting in 2025.

UNIO’s projects will be supported by an advisory board with representatives from each company with relevant expertise.

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