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KSAT’s ground network to enable Pixxel take-off

Illustration of the hyperspectractal satellite. Credit: Pixxel

Paris, 20 September 2022. – Ground network services provider KSAT has joined forces with Pixxel, an Earth imaging technology company,  to support the building of the world’s highest resolution hyperspectral imaging satellite constellation, KSAT said. The company will provide access to its global ground network to enable Pixxel’s constellation to reveal key data about Earth’s health.

Pixxel’s satellites are able to deliver images at hundreds of wavelengths and thus provide a perspective of planetary ecosystems and biospheres. These  will then be used to create an AI-informed (Artificial Intelligence) analysis platform and a digital twin Earth.

KSAT’s KSATlite software defined API-based (Application Programmable Interface) solution ensures scalability and automated operations. KSATlite’s annual traffic comprises nearly 700,000 passes and over 99.7% proficiency.

Pixxel’s cutting-edge data will complement KSAT’s Earth observation services, aiding the detection of potentially environmentally damaging events.

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