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Pascale Ehrenfreund elected new President of COSPAR

Professor Pascale Ehrenfreund. Credit: Franz Johann Morgenbesser

Edinburgh, 5 August 2022. – The Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) announced the election of Professor Pascale Ehrenfreund as its new President for the next four years.

Professor Ehrenfreund has a background in astrophysics and biology and has served as Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator, Project Scientist, and Team Leader at ESA and NASA. She has contributed to planetary and astronomy missions and has conducted experiments in low Earth orbit and on the International Space Station as well. She has been a member of the steering group for the US Space Studies Board Decadal Survey in Planetary Science and of the Committee on Human Spaceflight. She has also served on the FP7 Space Advisory Group, and the European Commission’s Horizon2020 Space Advisory Group. 

She worked as the Chair of the Executive Board of the German Aerospace Center and has been President of the Austrian Science Fund. Professor Ehrenfreund is currently President of the International Space University and Research Professor of Space Policy and International Affairs at the Space Policy Institute/George Washington University. 

She has been a permanent active COSPAR Associate, and also served as Chair of COSPAR’s Panel on Exploration between 2010-2019. Professor Ehrenfreund is replacing Len Fisk who has served as President since 2014. She will be the first woman to head COSPAR.

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