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Warpspace chooses Amazon Web Services for operating constellation

Credit: Warpspace

Edinburgh, 27 July 2022. – Optical inter-satellite communication service provider, Warpspace, chose to utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) for secure, flexible and cost-effective operation of its upcoming middle Earth orbit (MEO) Optical Inter-Satellite Data Relay Constellation, Warpaspace said. 

AWS technology will enable Warpspace to provide a secured-communication infrastructure connecting customers’ satellites with ground systems. The company’s “WarpHub InterSat”, an end-to-end optical inter-satellite data relay communication service, aims to help with this very matter. The firm will deploy three satellites equipped with the optical terminal into MEO to cover the whole low Earth orbit (LEO). Earth observation satellites will be able to downlink their data at high data rates in near real-time through this new network.

Warpspace already uses AWS-managed services including Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service and Amazon Aurora. These help in the development of critical workloads for WarpHub InterSat’s operation, like mission control, orbit coordination, and low-latency data delivery.

Warpspace believes that “connecting LEO satellites to the ground system via optical data relay satellites will accelerate the Earth observation industry.” Leveraging AWS services will accelerate the company to achieve this goal.

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