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ThrustMe wins ESA GSTP contract for electric propulsion system

The NPT30-I2 electric propulsion system. Credit: ThrustMe

Liverpool, 15 June 2022. – In-orbit mobility solutions provider ThrustMe, has been awarded an ESA GSTP (General Support Technology Programme) contract to develop and qualify its electric propulsion system, NPT30-I2-1.5U. The technology will be integrated with GomSpace’s GOMX-5 satellite.

The GOMX-5 mission aims to demonstrate new nanosatellite capabilities for the next generation of low Earth orbit constellations. These comprise increased payload data downlink, manoeuvrability, and satellite position accuracy. ThrustMe’s NPT30-I2-1.5U will provide the manoeuvrability for orbit changing and end-of-life disposal as well as position accuracy.

In-orbit propulsion is an essential subsystem for collision avoidance and for removing the satellites once they are not operational anymore. In-orbit propulsion is therefore a necessary means of space sustainability as it helps avoiding risks to other spacecrafts in the same orbit. Electric propulsion systems, like ion thrusters, have high fuel efficiency, and are therefore capable of delivering all the orbital maneuvers required, according to ThrustMe.

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