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Sierra Space and Spirit AeroSystems enter into strategic partnership

Shooting Star cargo module. Credit: Sierra Space

Edinburgh /Louisville / Wichita, 3 June 2022. – Space company Sierra Space, and aerostructures manufacturer Spirit AeroSystems, announced a long-term strategic partnership to lower the cost of access to space and to accelerate the production of the Shooting Star cargo modules for the Dream Chaser spaceplane.

Spirit Defense & Space will assist in the development and production of future Shooting Star Transport Vehicles, Sierra said. The collaboration will enhance accessibility and efficiency of the Shooting Star cargo module system and will pave the way for an on-orbit service system. Shooting Star is a 4.5-meter transport vehicle that attaches to the rear of the spaceplane. It is capable of carrying over 4500 kg of cargo.

The partnership will leverage the strengths of both Sierra and Spirit to design, assemble, integrate and test affordable cargo modules. The companies intend to establish production efficiency and integrated assembly solutions in support of ISS resupply missions under the NASA Commercial Resupply Services 2 contract.

In November last year, Sierra Space secured US $1.4 billion in capital in a Series A funding round. The capital will help boost the development of the company’s space transportation systems, with Dream Chaser leading the way.

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