GSTC 2023

Space4Impact launches sixth week of free online New Space Economy course

By Nina Walker

Credit: Space4Impact

Edinburgh, 11 May 2022. – Space4Impact, EPFL’s Space Center eSpace, E2MC Ventures, and Space Innovation joined forces to launch an online course on the New Space Economy. The program is available on edX as a free EPFLx course. Learners can watch more than 30 video lectures by space experts from various domains within startups, academia, the private sector, and public institutions in Switzerland.

The sixth and final week of the course, looks at outer space as an unique environment. As a start, Mathieu Bailly from CYSEC explains how to provide cybersecurity in space. Then, learners hear from course lecturer Raphael Roettgen from E2MC Ventures how microgravity and space platforms will enable unique business models. Diving deeper into the topic of microgravity, Dr. Cora Thiel, from the  Institute of Anatomy at the University of Zurich elaborates how space is a unique environment to advance life science. You can watch her video to learn about space and healthcare below. 

In the next session Tatiana Benavides, previous manager of the Swiss Space Center Hubs at ETH Zurich,  describes how human spaceflight has been driving innovation in the circular economy field. To close the course, Alessandra Rojas, Head of the E4S Tech4Impact, provides the learners with an insight that should be essential to any entrepreneur; namely, how to better shape your business model for optimising its impact back on Earth.

If you wish to sign up to the free New Space Economy course, visit the site by clicking here.

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