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Space Café Radio – on tour in Lausanne – with Jim Bridenstine

Former NASA Administrator Bridenstine. Photo: NASA

In this Space Café Radio –  SpaceWatch.Global publisher Torsten Kriening spoke with Jim Bridenstine, Senior Advisor at Acorn Growth Companies, former NASA Administrator and US Congressman at the LEO Kinetic Space Safety Workshop in Lausanne about threats and risks in Low Earth Orbit and how to move forward to a sustainable future in space

The LEO Kinetic Space Safety Workshop, 4-5 May 2022 in Lausanne aimed to provide specific solutions and pragmatic actions to enhance collisional space safety in low Earth orbit (LEO). The workshop brought together international experts, space practitioners and others to debate specific solutions over the course of two days. This workshop was organised by the eSpace Center at EPFL with the support of AXA XLClearSpaceLeoLabs, and Secure World Foundation.

Space Cafe Radio brings our talks, our interviews, our impressions to you. In this format, you will hear conversations or the entire team of SpaceWatchers while being out on the road. Each show will have a specific topic, unique content and a very personal touch. Enjoy the show format and let us know your input to [email protected] .


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