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ClearSpace joins the Net Zero Space initiative

ClearSpace’s Net Zero Space pledges. Credit: ClearSpace

Edinburgh / Lausanne, 13 May 2022. – Sustainable in-orbit services company ClearSpace, is joining the Net Zero Space initiative launched by the Paris Peace Forum to avoid generating and actively remove debris from orbit, the company said. The program brings major industry players together to ensure safe and sustainable space operations.

“Decades of unsustainable practices in space exploration and exploitation in near-Earth orbital space have resulted in a congested environment,” said ClearSpace. This space debris poses a direct threat to active satellites needed to maintain core infrastructure on Earth.

Net Zero Space launched in November 2021, calling for a global commitment to achieving the sustainable use of outer space by 2030. The vision of ClearSpace includes this goal and strives to help the space industry achieve it. The company also has addressing the threat from space debris at the core of its activities. 

The Net Zero Space initiative works to change the paradigm and move towards a circular space economy.

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