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Privateer Space announces members of its Board of Advisors

Claude Amadeo, Cristopher Cretel and Robb Kulin, Advisory Board members. Credit: Privateer

Edinburgh / Kihei, 31 March 2022. Data and intelligence platform Privateer, announced the members of its Board of Advisors to be appointed effective immediately, supporting the growth and knowledge of Privateer and its offerings, the company said. Privateer’s Advisory Board members have expertise in strategy, technology, operations, public policy, and astroscience. The Board members are Claude Amadeo, Chris Cretel, Bill Diamond, Robb Kulin, Kevin O’Connell, and Sanyin Siang.

Tech investor and producer Claude Amadeo, is the former CTO of Bridgewater Associates. He created Bridgewater’s original infrastructure, platforms, and applications and is currently a Technology Fellow advising Bridgewater’s technology leaders. Christopher Cretel is a Lead Propulsion Engineer at Phase Four, the company aiming to catalyze in-space infrastructure. He is responsible for the firm’s core technology and for the development of precision propulsion test capabilities. Cretel has previous experience in plasma physics, gas dynamics, spacecraft design, and simulation modeling.

Bill Diamond is President & CEO at SETI Institute, which is devoted to research and education about planetary habitability and the signatures of life. He has a background in engineering, manufacturing, marketing, product management and sales. NASA Astronaut Candidate and SpaceX Launch Chief Engineer Robb Kulin, is the former COO of Firefly Aerospace. He offers expertise in developing national space strategies, building companies, risk and program management, operations, and technical design and fabrication.

Kevin M. O’Connell is the Founder & CEO of Space Economy Rising. He is an expert on space commerce, the global space economy, international intelligence, and U.S. national security matters. O’Connell was also a senior research analyst at RAND and the first Director of RAND’s Intelligence Policy Center. He founded a consulting firm specializing in assessing high-tech market areas as well. Professor at Duke University Pratt School of Engineering, Sanyin Siang, brings expertise in culture, leadership optimization, and team cohesion. She leads Duke University’s Coach K Leadership & Ethics Center and she is also a Faculty Fellow with Duke Divinity School.

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