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Antonov AN-225 airplane damaged by Russians attack

Satellite images from Maxar Technologies show significant damage to part of the hangar at the Gostomel Air Base where the AN-225 is stored.
Credit: Maxar Technologies

Edinburgh, 17 March 2022. – Antonov AN-225, the world’s largest cargo plane by length and weight was severely damaged when Russians attacked Gostomel airport near Kyiv, Ukraine reported. The aircraft was used to transport Ariane rocket components, airlift aid during crises in other countries and transport medical supplies.

The plane was undergoing repairs at the time of the invasion and therefore could not fly to safety. It will take over 5 years and more than US $3billion to repair the Ukrainian-made Antonov-225 Mriya (“Dream”). Ukraine’s state arms manufacturer Ukroboronprom, said it would try to make Russia pay for the reconstruction.

The plane’s wingspan was 88 m, its length 84 m, and its cargo hold was 43 metres long, capable of carrying up to 250 tonnes. The six-engine plane had a maximum speed of 850 km/h and ran on 32 wheels.

When Russian air force hit in Dnipro, the bombs destroyed the factory that manufactured the last stage of the Vega launch vehicle as well.

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