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Exotrail delivers electric propulsion to OHB´s Triton-X Heavy

Image: Exotrail

Luxembourg/ Paris, 24 November 2021. –  The French Exotrail delivers its electric propulsion system to OHB´s microsatellite Triton-X Heavy, the company said.

Exotrail signed a contract with the Luxembourg-based satellite manufacturer OHB Luxspace for the integration of Exotrail’s high thrust and flexible electric propulsion product ExoMG into the Triton-X Heavy platform, the firm said.

Triton-X Heavy is a European microsatellite flagship program led by OHB LuxSpace and supported by the European Space Agency (ESA) and its ARTES (Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems) program. The aim is to develop an affordable and scalable low Earth orbit (LEO) platform for multiple purposes and satellite missions and constellations.

ExoMG is an electric propulsion system for satellites ranging from 10 to 300 kg, Exotrail says. Thanks to its high level of thrust and modularity, it “drastically improves satellite deployment, increases service performances and contributes to reduce space pollution”, the French startup incorporated in 2017 says.

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