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Minerva secures $150 million for its space data network

Paris, 5 October 2021. – The U.S. startup Minerva Space Technologies secured $150 million to develop its satellite-based data and domain awareness network, the company said.

Minerva Space Technologies said it secured a $150 million credit facility to bring to market a “collection of technology services and spaceborne infrastructures revolving around much needed Space Domain Awareness (SDA) for space operations”.

Founded this year, the space domain awareness data-centric company plans to put operational satellites and sensors in GEO and cislunar space. “We are building a one-stop marketplace to buy and trade AI/AR augmented digitally certified assets (NFAs) about critical space infrastructure,” it says.

Minerva Space Technologies expects to have $500 million in total to expand its core technology offerings.

The company´s website currently shows a countdown to its launch in 25 days.

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