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Estée Lauder becomes exclusive partner of the ISS Sustainability Challenge

Image: Estée Lauder

Edinburgh, 29 October 2021. – Estée Lauder announced they have become the exclusive partner of the ISS National Laboratory Sustainability Challenge: Beyond Plastics. This is the first time a beauty brand partners a research and development opportunity for innovators to propose plastics alternatives. 

The Sustainability Challenge addresses plastic waste and enable scientific or technological advancements to tackle the issue. They will use the ISS environment to develop, test, and mature products and processes addressing at least one three goals. These are reducing plastic waste introduction into the environment, seeking alternative ways for polymer production and reducing virgin plastic manufacturing.

The Sustainability Challenge is an open solicitation for US-based entities to propose projects which will be evaluated by a panel of expert judges. The finalists’ recorded presentations will be showcased on 19th March 2022, at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. As part of the brand’s commitment to drive sustainable packaging innovation, Estée Lauder will fund the awarded proposals.

The beauty firm has already implemented measures to reduce virgin and non-recyclable plastic in their operations. The company has committed to 75-100% of their packaging to be recyclable, refillable, reusable, recycled or recoverable by 2025.

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