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The Rocket and Satellite Company announce first launch date

The Rocket & Satellite Company (TRSC), Pakistan’s first private Space Company, announced that they will put their first Space Launch Vehicle into orbit on the 14th August, 2025 from Pakistan. TRSC is a private Commercial Space Company, founded by Sami Ullah Khan in Karachi, Pakistan. It will provide advanced and innovative services, solutions and products for the global Space-tech based market, supporting demanding and challenging missions in orbit and beyond.

According to Sami Ullah Khan, CEO of TRSC, “Our vision is to make life of Space companies easy to offer one solutions under one roof, such as services, solutions and products in Ground Segment, Satellites and Payload Launching domain, … great Space tech services, solutions and products at [an] affordable price for Space companies.”

Sami Ullah Khan, CEO

Mission Type: Technology Demonstration
Launch From: Pakistan
Expected launch Date: 14th August 2025
Solution for: CubeSAT, Small Satellite
Stages: 02
Propellants: Liquid
Destination Orbit: Low Earth Orbit (LEO)

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