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Isotropic Demonstrates Performance Of Intellian’s NX-Series Antennas

Photo courtesy of Intellian.

US-based global internet services provider Isotropic Networks and Intellian, a South Korean provider of mobile satellite communication antenna systems, announced the completion of network acceptance testing on Intellian’’s new NX-Series of antennas.

The testing was conducted at Isotropic’s Lake Geneva facility over its Amazonas-2 and Galaxy-28 networks and utilised ST Engineering iDirect’’s compatible with the iQ LTE modem.

The antennas feature an optimised reflector and radome, frequency tuned for both Ku and Ka bands, and a single coaxial cable which combines Tx, Rx, and DC power, to simplify installation. The system also features data and reference signals between the antenna and the antenna control unit (ACU).

“The NX Series truly embodies the future-proof capabilities that are going to be so important as we move into a new era of satellite connectivity,” said Hank Zbierski, Chief Catalyst and Co-Founder, Isotropic Networks. “Satellite technology is an essential part of connectivity at sea and these successful tests have validated the inherent flexibility and smart design of the NX Series and its capability to move easily between frequency bands and satellites for seamless maritime communications.”

The antennas are converted from Ku- to Ka-band by changing the centre-mounted RF assembly and feed using a conversion kit and are all NGSO (non-geostationary satellite orbit) -ready for use.

“Our collaboration with Isotropic confirms that the NX-Series is ready to begin delivery of services to users in the maritime sector over the extensive and highly reliable Isotropic network” said Sam McKee, Vice President for Americas Sales, Intellian.  “Passengers and cruise ships, commercial shipping and the oil and gas industry will benefit from the exceptional performance that these next-generation antenna systems bring, with an emphasis on the future and the ability to work with both GEO and NGSO constellations. This is truly in-line with Intellian’s future-proof ethos. We look forward to the delivery of these services over Isotropic’s network.”

The announcement was made on 19 February 2020.

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