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Denmark’s GomSpace And Lockheed Martin Team Up To Build Nanosatellite For UK’s Orbital Micro Systems

Artist’s depiction of a pair of GOMX-4 satellites orbiting the Earth. Image courtesy of GOMSpace.

GomSpace and Lockheed Martin Space announced on 18 December 2019 their agreement to develop and deliver a tailored GomSpace 6U nanosatellite to Orbital Micro Systems (OMS) in the United Kingdom. The contract is worth 17 MSEK (U.S.$1.81 million) and will be financed through an industrial corporation commitment made by Lockheed Martin to the state of Denmark. The project stems from initial introductory meetings first held in 2017, during B2B17 a business networking event aimed at developing new business relationships for the U.S.-based technology company in Denmark.

OMS has developed a proprietary microwave sensor with significant potential to add value to weather forecasting and climate understanding to the benefit of users in a range of commercial and institutional segments. OMS is planning a future nanosatellite constellation to capture data for their intended service offerings and is currently in the early stages of constellation deployment.

Lockheed Martin will financially assist GomSpace to design, develop an optimised 6U nanosatellite platform for the OMS sensor and GomSpace will deliver the integrated 6U satellite to OMS by the end of 2020 for expected launch and evaluation in 2021. Lockheed Martin will also assist GomSpace by providing technical assistance to review and improve GomSpace quality systems, as well as enhance the nanosatellite’s design life.

“This is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate how GomSpace’s flight-proven systems can be tailored into a dedicated solution for OMS that will hopefully prove itself as the building block for OMS’ intended constellation,” says CEO, Niels Buus, from GomSpace.

OMS, established both in the United States and the UK, consists of an experienced team with unique microwave technology and application knowledge.

“We look forward to working with GomSpace and are truly impressed with their demonstrated capabilities in space and the prospect of leveraging these capabilities in a new 6U platform, adding robustness to our supply chain.” says CEO, William Hosack, from OMS.

For Lockheed Martin, which has launched more than 150 small satellites, investing in this project aligns with the company’s expectations that many future space missions will be flown using hybrid architectures with a mixture of SmallSats and traditional larger satellites in a variety of orbits.

“We are pleased to be able to bring together this project to help create a state-of-the-art nanosatellite and microwave sensing capabilities,” said Amber Gell, International Advanced Programs Development Manager from Lockheed Martin.

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