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Kacific Selects Petro One For Ground Station Services For Satellite Broadband In Indonesia

Photograph courtesy of Kacific.

Kacific Broadband Satellites Group has selected PT. Petro One Indonesia, known as Petro1, to provide ground infrastructure services in Indonesia for its brand-new satellite, built by Boeing, which will launch at the end of 2019. Petro1 will host, operate and provide first level support for Kacific’s gateway hub at its secure facilities in Surabaya and Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia.

The state-of-the-art primary gateway will include a 9-metre antenna and associated equipment to transmit and distribute data to and from the satellite. An additional diversity site, over 60 kilometres away, will ensure better availability and a redundancy capability. Petro1 will provide a high-grade, well-fibered secured data center environment for the system servers, 24/7 service care, which includes onsite service staff 24/7.

The satellite’s high-power beams cover Indonesia’s many islands and surrounding ocean, delivering affordable, high-speed broadband to telecommunications companies, internet service providers and governments. This contract with local partners represents a multi-million dollar infrastructure investment into Indonesia by satellite operator Kacific.

“Kacific chose to locate its ground infrastructure in Indonesia because it is a priority market for us,” says Kacific CEO, Christian Patouraux. “Our high-speed broadband will supplement and augment the Government connectivity programmes which aim to strengthen broadband infrastructure across the nation. Petro1 has a highly trained technical team and access to excellent facilities, which will ensure the optimal performance of the Kacific-1 satellite in Indonesia.”

Petro1 CEO Marlina Sagaf says, “We are very pleased to have won the trust and business of Kacific for this long-term teleport hosting, support and the maintenance component of this remarkable high-speed satellite. Petro1 and Kacific will bring to the Indonesian people a great internet usage enabler to the entire Indonesian archipelago, especially for people and businesses in rural or remote locations. Together with Kacific, our Petro1 team intends to provide a robust and reliable high speed VSAT service from our earth station locations in Surabaya and Pasuruan.”

Internet penetration had reached 55 percent of Indonesia’s population, serving 145 million people in the nation in 2017. Kacific-1 covers remote islands and will help connect some of the estimated 119 million unconnected Indonesians. Kacific broadband will power services such as mobile backhaul for cellular networks and broadband internet over VSAT (satellite dishes under 1.5 metres) for small and medium-sized businesses. Its services will increase connectivity and internet access in areas that are beyond the economical reach of terrestrial infrastructures.

Petro1 is a system integrator company with the main business focus in the area of ICT “Information Communication Technology” and telecommunication infrastructure for onshore and offshore businesses. Petro1 is well experienced in delivering an end-to-end service based on individual client’s needs; from engineering design and procurement to construction and installation. Petro1 provides both VSAT and ISP services and other connectivity solutions (radio, fiber optic and GSM), surveillance security monitoring systems (CCTV, PAGA, navigation, telemetry) and facility infrastructures (network and data centers, hosting and co-location, cabling, power and termination systems).

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