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EVERYWHERE Communications and GEOS Partner to Offer Global Emergency Response

EVERYWHERE Communications has entered into an agreement with GEOS Emergency Response Service to integrate global SOS response into EVERYWHERE’s always connected services. EVERYWHERE provides safety, security and productivity solutions for enterprise & government organisations with people & assets deployed globally. EVERYWHERE provides a vital communication link to save lives. The GEOS service provides EVERYWHERE’s global customers with a connection to the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC), delivering the security and peace of mind that emergency response is just push button away.

“Having worked with Mark Garver and team in launching previous generations of satellite-based SOS monitoring services, I found GEOS to be a natural fit when evaluating partners to deliver this critical SOS communications link to EVERYWHERE’s customers” said Patrick Shay, founder and CEO, EVERYWHERE.

When SOS is activated, the customer’s location information is routed to the IERCC, whose employees use EVERYWHERE’s two-way communications link to determine the nature of the distress and coordinate with the appropriate response agencies to provide both assistance and reassurance that help is on the way. Working with Search and Rescue (SAR) Agencies around the globe, GEOS has successfully coordinated the rescues of thousands of people in need in over 170 countries, through its 24/7/365 IERCC in Houston, Texas. GEOS also reaches out to the user’s emergency contacts to update them of the situation.

EVERYWHERE also offers customer-monitored SOS through its Network Operation Center (NOC), using a dedicated user interface – the EVERYWHERE Hub. Whether customer-monitored or GEOS-monitored, the EVERYWHERE Hub uniquely notifies teammates in the field of the team member in distress.

“Knowing the team and technology from EVERYWHERE, we were excited to work with them on this launch,” said Mark Garver, CEO of the IRECC. “Their unique intelligent routing platform enables us to deliver our vital SOS services to their customers in the enterprise and government markets, whether connected via Iridium or cellular.”

EVERYWHERE’s fully integrated multi-mode communications solutions use the Iridium® satellite constellation, including the newly launched Iridium NEXT satellites, as well as Wi-Fi and cellular networks, to provide always-on connectivity globally, including the over 80 percent of the world beyond the reach of cellular.

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