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Sky And Space Global Announces New Pre-Launch Customer Agreements; Pivots To Global Coverage Constellation

An artist’s depiction of a Sky and Space Global Pearl nano satellite. Image courtesy of GomSpace.

Sky and Space Global Ltd. (SAS) has announced that seven new potential revenue opportunities have been put in place since the Company announced, on 9 April 2019, its plans to progress a Global Coverage constellation for the growing demand in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) sectors.

Commenting on the additional growth opportunities since changing to a Global coverage constellation, Sky and Space Global’s Managing Director and CEO, Mr. Meir Moalem, said:

“Having identified the fast-growing demand for IoT and M2M services, we quickly pivoted our initial satellite and launch programme from an Equatorial coverage to a Global coverage constellation. The potential revenue opportunity we are pursuing is immensely attractive, as can be seen from the very fast positive responses we have received from customers and potential customers to our new constellation. Our pivot to an initial Global constellation has immediately opened up new markets and added multiple potential new revenue streams.

“Sky and Space is at the forefront of a new global commercial space industry. We are doing things that no-one else has done before, things that will ultimately make Sky and Space a dominant player in the global space market with a strong and attractive global business.”

The response to SAS’ new Global coverage constellation for IoT and M2M services has been highly positive. Sixteen of the Company’s existing customers have already expressed their intent to increase the value of their existing contracts – including BT Telecom, Telespazio, Globe Teleservices, and Gondwana.

New market opportunities have also quickly opened up as expected, with the potential for new revenue generating agreements to be put in place. Five additional Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) have now been signed with:

• IOT Technology, based in the Philippines, providing a country-wide platform for cost- effective and efficient machine to machine (M2M) communication and delivering the necessary integration components for the seamless interchange of data and information. IOT Technology has over 400 active clients in the Philippines ranging from small, medium to multinational companies, including private and government enterprises

• Climacell, headquartered in Boston, U.S., and with a development centre in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Climacell is leveraging new weather sensing technologies together with all globally available weather data to build a new weather engine platform for emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles, drones and other mobility on demand businesses, as well as for emergency services

• Pangea, a United Kingdom based pioneer in the VoIP Fax industry with more than 20 years of service and development experience, Pangea has become a specialist in global IoT connectivity, devices, solutions, and actionable analytics, all with access to the Pangea Portal that lets their clients remotely monitor, analyse, and control anything at any time

• Scrabo Security, a United Kingdom based advanced technology company that provides a range of security products to protect all manner of high value items including fuel tanks, machinery and plant, roofs and outboard engines

• IoTSphere, a Russian company based in Moscow, is an integrated supplier that provides full end-to-end IoT services, including seamless big-data and machine learning tools to allow customers “out of the box” solutions. IoTSphere solutions that are already deployed in Asia, Middle East and South America, include already full solutions for intelligent city lighting, cattle control, agriculture assets tracking, tree monitoring and air quality monitoring that where tested and validated under cellular networks coverage. The collaboration between SAS and IoTSphere will allow both companies to provide the most cost-effective solution in the market, including data and trend analysis, compatible with all major IoT standards, in regions that so far could not be served, outside of cellular coverage coverage.

Under the terms of these new MoUs, SAS will work closely with the relevant parties to evaluate mutually beneficial business models and technological collaborations. The MoUs will be utilised by the parties as frameworks toward full commercial contracts. Although currently there are no revenues from these MOUs, SAS expects future potential revenues to be generated from them once full commercial contracts have been signed and the Global constellation has been launched.

As previously announced, SAS has also secured two new Reseller Agreements with:

• Streamcode, a leading Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT) service provider headquartered in Singapore;

• T-Systems South Africa is part of the T-Systems Group, one of the largest European IT services companies, and a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, operates in more than 20 countries. T- Systems South Africa delivers innovative ICT services and is entrusted to run their clients’ most critical ICT networks, applications and systems. Their clients include leading private and public-sector organisations in automotive and manufacturing, insurance, healthcare, mining and retail.

Under the terms of these new Reseller Agreements, both Streamcode and T Systems South Africa will on a non-exclusive basis, resell, market, distribute and support SAS services and products.

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