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Thuraya Facilitates UAE Road Trips and Desert Adventures

Thuraya Gateway in Sharjah, UAE; Credits: Thuraya

Thuraya caters to individuals who are eager to set out on road trips and off-roading adventures in the UAE with vital mobile satellite communication equipment, providing a connectivity assurance for ventures into the country’s harsh, unexplored territories that lie outside GSM coverage. The company’s robust satcom services have consistently provided effective channels for emergency communications during solo and small-group expeditions.

As the first homegrown MSS operator with over 20 years of experience in shaping the UAE’s satcom industry, Thuraya has a superior network reach in the region and has been able to establish unique partnerships with local entities to deliver a variety of specified connectivity solutions. For example, the company’s strong ties with the Dubai Police enabled the launch of the Thuraya SOS Service, allowing users of Thuraya XT handsets to send a pre-defined SMS with GPS coordinates directly to Dubai police when in crisis. In the recent past, a Thuraya satellite phone has particularly helped two Emiratis lost in the vast desert expanses of the Empty Quarter (Rub’ al Khali) to seek urgent assistance from authorities.

Fahad Kahoor, Market Development Director at Thuraya says, “Many Emirati families and outdoorsy expatriates in the region enjoy driving into the desert or up into the mountains for camping or hunting trips, for the sake of exploration, or simply for an exciting getaway. Our equipment is easily accessible in the country and is compact, affordable and dependable; it has proved to be the favored choice for those locals who rely on satellite communication while on rural adventures.” He adds, “At our core, we deeply value each human life and are serious about our responsibility to support every person’s ability to stay in touch, share memorable experiences and foster community. We are proud that our technology has come through for many people in dire situations and are continuously advancing our capabilities to support human endeavors in remote areas.”

For leisure adventurers on a short trip, a Thuraya SatSleeve+ is a highly convenient product, allowing users to transform their own smartphone with satellite-based connectivity for voice, SMS, messaging, email, and apps in a fast and efficient manner. A satellite phone such as the Thuraya XT Lite is also user-friendly and delivers uninterrupted coverage via satellite mode, is compatible with accessories like solar chargers, has up to 80 hours of standby time, and offers an ‘always on’ connectivity feature even when the antenna is stowed. For advanced explorers, Thuraya’s phones like the XT-PRO and XT-PRO DUAL are equipped with added capabilities to withstand harsh environments, function on residual battery and provide excellent navigational support. For those planning an extended stay outdoors, Thuraya’s broadband terminals such as the IP+ or IP Voyager deliver internet access with data speeds of up to 444Kbps, giving users the convenience of indoor connectivity while in a vehicle or at a remote campsite.

Thuraya also enables easy access to its satellite services via a partnership made with Etisalat in 2015. Known as ‘Ana Emirati,’ the mobile package offers Etisalat’s post-paid users calling minutes and SMS via Thuraya’s satellite network, even on a roaming basis. Outdoorsy customers who opt for this bundle get an additional SIM card with the same number as their regular mobile line, which is used in conjunction with the SatSleeve+.

Original pubished at: https://spacewatch.global/2017/08/thuraya-facilitates-uae-road-trips-desert-adventures/

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