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The Greatest (Space) Show on Earth

newsletter1World Space Week (WSW) is in full swing with events taking place all around the world in celebration of the impact that space has on mankind.

The largest annual space event on Earth was founded by the United Nations General Assembly and has been running every year since 1999. The event provides a plethora of activities and events focused upon space that engages the general public, especially children, and educates them about the benefits of space. It also builds the workforce of tomorrow by inspiring the students of today.

The theme for 2016 is ‘Remote Sensing: Enabling Our Future’. This takes into account the ways in which Earth Observation (EO) is contributing to the improvement of our everyday lives through applications such as mapping, monitoring of agriculture and the environment and other location-based services.

The event is running from 4-10 October and there are some fascinating experiences taking place across the globe. The Al Sadeem Observatory in Abu Dhabi is running a rocket and rover design competition. Lockheed Martin is holding a WSW Virtual Field Trip to the stars and back in order to enable children to learn more about deep space exploration. Astronauts Scott and Mark Kelley will be sharing their experiences of their 1 year in space in Pontefract, UK. In France, Germany and the UK, hundreds of Astrium employees will take time to speak to schools this week. These are just some examples of the many events taking place.

With so many ways to be inspired, why not find out about an event that is happening close to you and support this annual celebration of space that last year saw 1900 events take place across 73 countries. Visit and take the time to find out what effect space has on your life today…and what it can do tomorrow.

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