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ThrustMe Exceeds 100 Orders for Propulsion Systems

NorSat-TD satellite with ThrustMe’s NPT30-I2 iodine-fueled electric propulsion system. Credit: ThrustMe

Ibadan, 26 May 2023. – ThrustMe has announced the achievement of over 100 orders for its cold gas I2T5 and gridded ion NPT30-I2 thrusters. This marks a significant turning point for ThrustMe. The Company initiated batch production for clients in 2022 to accommodate an increasing order from satellite constellations clients. Furthermore, it set an ambitious target to manufacture over 365 propulsion systems per year, with production capacity gradually increasing throughout 2023 to serve the market needs.

Following this, ThrustMe has confirmed that 2023 is already fully booked, and the orders for 2024 are growing rapidly, endorsing ThrustMe products’ market fit. The Company is also on track to reach full manufacturing capacity by the beginning of next year.

“Following the world-first demonstration of iodine electric propulsion technology in space in 2020, we boosted the industrialization of the entire product portfolio. With the success of on-ground endurance tests, pilot production and the deployment of multiple systems operating in space, we have now reached both the capacity and reliability highly demanded by the clients,” said Dmytro Rafalskyi, CTO and co-founder of ThrustMe.

Similarly, Ane Aanesland, CEO and co-founder of ThrustMe, added, “Our expertise is one of the keys to the surge in commercial interest and traction. Today, we are proud to serve customers across Europe, the United States, and Asia, demonstrating that the market is now adopting our groundbreaking and disruptive propulsion solutions.”

The manufacturer’s commitment to providing cutting-edge propulsion systems has positioned the Company as an essential player in the industry. According to the Company, through the adoption of fully integrated intelligent-operated iodine-based solutions, it is revolutionizing the space sector by addressing critical challenges and offering more sustainable alternatives.

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