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Inmarsat and Sonfant Technologies to Develop Antenna

Credit: Inmarsat

Ibadan, 24 May 2023. – Inmarsat Government and Sofant Technologies have announced a collaboration on a phased array antenna that will enhance connectivi ty, reliability, and performance in airborne operations. The collaboration aims to revolutionize the communication capabilities of airborne platforms. As a result, the collaboration will combine ‘ their respective expertise to develop an innovative solution that addresses the Government airborne users’ growing demand for efficient, low-profile communication systems. ‘

The new phased array antenna will leverage Sofant’s core technology to produce a compact, lightweight, and low-power terminal. Furthermore, it will enable reliable, seamless high-speed global coverage in a broader range of aircraft through Inmarsat’s Global Xpress (GX) network. L This includes seamless switching on the GX commercial network’s global service beams and Inmarsat’s high-capacity, global military Ka-band (Mil Ka) network’s steerable beams.

David Wither, CEO of Sofant Technologies, said, “We are glad to partner with Inmarsat Government on this development program. By leveraging our leading-edge antenna technology, we aim to deliver a transformative solution redefining communication capabilities for airborne platforms.” Wither also added, “This collaboration aligns with our vision of revolutionizing connectivity in the aerospace industry and beyond. We are confident that our joint efforts will yield exceptional results.”

Likewise, Steve Gizinski, President of Inmarsat Government, said, “Collaborating with Sofant Technologies allows us to push the boundaries of innovation further, and together, we will develop a phased array antenna that sets new industry standards.” In addition, Gizinski said, “This collaboration represents a significant step forward in meeting the Government’s growing demand for secure and reliable connectivity worldwide.”

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