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Andrew Rush Joins Copernicus Space Corporation

Andrew Rush. Credit: NASA
Andrew Rush. Credit: NASA

Ibadan, 30 May 2023. – Copernicus Space Corporation has announced that Andrew Rush has joined the Company as its President and Chief Executive Officer. The Company leverages deep knowledge of astrophysics, space systems engineering, and synthetic biology to pioneer a unique space technology platform for distributed, intelligent in situ Swarm Exploration™.

Expressing his excitement, Rush commented: “I am honored to join the Copernicus team and grateful to the Copernicus board of directors for this
incredible opportunity. Together, we will foster the growth of the second golden age of space exploration by establishing Copernicus as a different
kind of industry leader, developing disruptive and innovative products and services.”

Rush also added, “Our focus on in situ Swarm Exploration, powered by artificial intelligence, high-speed computing, robotics, and eventually synthetic biology, will enable swarm-based missions for space exploration, scientific discovery, security applications, and commercial activities.”

Dr. Frank H. Laukien, Copernicus Co-Founder and board chair, stated: “We warmly welcome Andrew to the Copernicus team as our President and CEO. His exceptional expertise and proven track record of fostering growth in the space industry make him the ideal leader to drive Copernicus
toward becoming a novel type of space industry leader.” In Addition, Dr. Laukien commented, “With his visionary leadership, track record of growth, and deep understanding of cutting-edge space technologies, Andrew will drive new opportunities for our disruptive and innovative Swarm Exploration platform, products, and services.”

Mr. Rush currently serves as a member of the NASA Advisory Council on Technology, Innovation & Engineering. Furthermore, he is a member of the Physics Advisory Group at the University of North Florida (UNF), where he received the Young Alumni Achievement Award.

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