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Safran to provide GNSS solutions for Xona Space Systems

Xona Space Systems. Credit Xona Space Systems
Xona Space Systems. Credit Xona Space Systems

London, 6 April 2023.- Safran Electronics and Defence company, Orolia, based in France has announced a partnership with Xona Space Systems to develop support for Xona’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation and navigation signals in its Skydel-powered simulation and testing products. Xona is developing PULSAR, a positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) service enabled by a commercial constellation of dedicated LEO satellites. 

“Our Skydel GNSS simulation engine will provide support for Xona’s PULSAR signals and satellite constellation to offer OEMs, developers, and integrators a unique tool that enables early testing and validation of Xona’s LEO PNT signal performance,” says Pierre-Marie Le Véel, GNSS Products Director with Safran.

Xona’s PULSAR service aims to advance capabilities in global PNT security, resilience, and accuracy by augmenting existing GNSS while operating as an independent PNT constellation. Xona’s high-power signals use modern signal structures and security techniques, adding resilience in challenging RF environments.

“Offering a new generation of satellite navigation and timing services allows receiver manufacturers to develop entirely new capabilities for end users,” says Brian Manning, CEO of Xona Space Systems. “Xona’s mission is to enable modern technologies to operate safely in any environment, anywhere on Earth.”

Skydel powers Safran’s portfolio of advanced GNSS simulators like the GSG-8.

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